The volunteer Care Circle offers spiritual friendship to sangha members who are experiencing illness, loss, life transitions, or just having a difficult time. We are available to sit, to listen, and to share our experience. Although the Care Circle is dharma-based, we are available to those in need regardless of religious or spiritual persuasion.

In general, the Care Circle will provide support for up to three months. The Care Circle does not provide help with practical requests such as transportation but will present these requests, with permission, to other sangha members.

Though the Care Circle will not provide support after three months nor will it provide for practical requests, individual members may choose to do so based on their own preferences and resources.

Care Circle volunteers you can contact include:
Gloria Gerkin 303.321.2620 or
Kathy Hartman 303.929.1831 or

Confidentiality: Unless otherwise indicated by the person requesting assistance, information is shared only between the contact person and the Care Circle member that is involved.